FACT: The Seafood Industry Contributes
$5.8 Billion Dollars and
78,500 Jobs to the Alaskan Economy...

Here's How YOU Can Get A Job In the
Alaska Commercial Fishing Industry!

The Alaska commercial fishing industry employs over 78,000 people every year from countries around the world. Working in the industry is a great way to save money quickly by working for a few months on contract, then take time off to travel, study, or to do whatever you would like AND still have a job waiting for you whenever you're ready.

I'm Thomas Carroll and I worked in the Alaska Commercial Fishing Industry for 6 seasons. I worked on a tender boat, a land plant, a processor barge, and a catcher/processor, performing a variety of job functions.

It was a wild ride, and I always made enough money to travel (or whatever else I wanted to do) after the fishing season.

There were several reasons why I enjoyed working in the industry, and I'm sure you can identify with most (or all) of them. Some of the things I enjoyed were...

  • FREE room and board (4 all-you can eat meals a day, plus snacks!)
  • FREE round-trip transportation from the point of hire to Alaska
  • FREE laundry service
  • FREE gym
  • Thousands of dollars earned every month (lots of overtime!)
  • Jobs I could return to almost any time of year
  • No transportation needed to get back and forth from work (saved time too)
  • Work for 3 months, then break to travel for 3 months or more
  • A series of adventures I will never forget...

    Because of my experience in the industry, I get a lot of questions from interested people, like:

    Q) Is it dangerous?
    A) It can be. Some jobs (like crab fishing) are extememly dangerous. Others (like processing) are no more dangerous than work at a typical factory. Most jobs are not dangerous.

    Q) How old do you need to be? And how old is too old?
    A) Almost all jobs require that you be just 18 years old or older. There are thousands of positions available for older people (it is not uncommon to see people in their 50s and 60s working as processors).

    Q) Can women get jobs in the industry?
    A) Yes! Women fill thousands of jobs in a variety of positions from processing to fishing.

    Q) What are the qualifications for a job?
    A) Not much. For processing jobs, experience in factories can help, but is not required. While many jobs require a good level of physical strength and fitness, most jobs just require that you put in long work days. Fishermen almost always start out as processors or with no experience at all (called "greenhorns").

    Q) How much can I earn?
    A) Processors earn around $2,400 to $5,000 a month, while fisherman typically earn $5,000 to $10,000 a month.

    Q) How can I get a job in the Alaska Commercial Fishing Industry?
    A) To answer this question I have written a 42 page report called...

    "Alaska Fisherman! How to Get A Job In the
    Alaska Commercial Fishing Industry"

    Many people would LOVE to get a coveted job in Alaska, but they don't know how to do it.

    My report will help you. One of the most valuable assets one can have when looking for employment in the Alaska Commercial Fishing Industry (besides persistence) is to have a list of several potential employers.

    With such a list you can apply to dozens and dozens of companies together, thus increasing the speed and potential of landing a job in Alaska.

    It can be very, very difficult to compile such a list, spanning a LOT of frustrating hours. Fortunately though, I have done the work for you in Alaska Fisherman!

    Over my several years of working in Alaska I collected a lot of employment addresses.

    And when I say a lot, I mean it! My report contains the contact information of over 160 employers of both onshore processors and harvester/processor vessels. Many have websites where you can apply immediately in the comfort of your home.

    In fact, while I was in Alaska I was bombarded with people begging me for my list! I even had offers upwards of $100 for it!

    Because they knew, even though they already held jobs in Alaska, that my list was very valuable to them. It would help them find a better paying job.

    Alaska Fisherman! not only gives you the most valuable tool you need when hunting for a job in Alaska, but you will learn about:

  • The two main types of jobs, and which one is best suited to you

  • The two primary fishing seasons, so you'll know when to apply for a job

  • What the job contract entails, and the consequences if you break it!

  • What to take with you to Alaska once you get a job

  • What work conditions are like

  • A little-known way to land a job on a fishing boat - fast!

  • And a lot more...


    You will NOT receive legal advice, or any advice, on getting a US work visa. If you are not a legal United States citizen or resident please consult an immigration attorney for the proper proceedure in acquiring a US work visa.

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